was created for a simple purpose:
Allow seedstock producers and show livestock producers a quick and easy way to transport their sold livestock. When sellers/buyers post these livestock to our LOAD BOARD, they are able to instantly connect and communicate with Haulers and arrange for shipment.*
Post. Connect. Ship.

BASIC, Step-by-Step instructions for using

Basic Instructions for using

1)  Create An Account.  It is free, and we only require as little information as possible to allow you to communicate with the Haulers when asking about a Load.

2)  Once you have signed in, Go to the Menu Bar and Click on Post A Load .

3) Fill out the load form, and once you have all info complete, click the yellow Post Load button at the bottom of the page.

4) Your Load is now entered on the Load Board and is available for other users and haulers to view.  A notification will also be delivered to all Haulers to make them aware that a new load is now available.

5) if a Hauler is interested in your Load, they will contact you via your preferred method (which you indicated while creating your account).

6) once your load has been picked up, please login to your account and delete the load.


Basic Instructions for Haulers:

If you see a load you like,  use the info from the Contact Info/Other section to contact the person about that Load.  The price for delivery is negotiated between you and the person who posted the Load.  LHH is not involved in the exchange between Producers and Haulers.


*Fees collected by on this site DO NOT INCLUDE the cost of transportation of Livestock. Arrangements for hauling, including (but not limited to) timing, locations, insurance, guarantees, mileage and PRICE are the responsibility of the parties arranging for the transportation and NOT