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Livestock Haulers Hub is a network of over 5,500 independent haulers nationwide who check our load board daily. We help connect Livestock Breeders, Producers, Feeders, Veterinarians, Fairs, Shows, or anyone in the industry who needs a ride for their livestock with haulers who have open spots on their loads.

How it Works

Livestock Haulers Hub was created for a simple purpose:
To allow seedstock producers and show livestock producers a quick and easy way to transport their sold livestock. When sellers/buyers post these livestock to our Load Board, they are able to instantly connect and communicate with Haulers and arrange for shipment.*

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Post a Load (Haulers)

For breeders or shippers, post a load to the loadboard to get a response from haulers with open space. Get your livestock where you need them to go quickly and efficiently, without the hassle.

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Find a Load (Shippers)

Have extra space in your trailer, and looking to fill the spots? Look no further! Log in today to find breeders/shippers looking for reputable haulers to get their livestock where they need them to go.

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